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Algebra II

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I don't exactly understand what needs to be done in this problem. Could someone please explain what I am supposed to be doing a bit clearer than the book?

Four jobs need to be done, and four workers are available. The chart shows how long each worker takes to complete each job. If each job is to be assigned to a different worker, how should the jobs be assigned so that the total number of working hours is minimized?

This is the chart:

J1 J2 J3 J4
Joel 3 4 2 3
Noel 4 2 3 2
Zoel 3 3 2 2
Roel 1 3 2 3

The Js are the job and the names are on the left. The middle numbers are the hours it takes the worker for each job.

Could someone please help me?

  • Algebra II -

    Job 1 use Roel because it takes only 1 hr for the job to be done. All others take longer.
    Job 2 use Noel because it takes only 2 hrs for the job to be done. All others take longer.
    We have Noel and Zoel left.
    Job 3 takes Joel and Zoel the same length of time (2 hrs) but job 4 takes Zoel 2 hrs but Joel 3 hrs; therefore, give job 4 to Zoel which leaves job 3 for Joel. Check my thinking.

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