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I need help with solving this equation
and the steps on how to do it?

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    well for this question the whole goal is to get all the x's on one side and all the numbers on the other side.

    1st combine all like terms on the same sides


    -11x-28 = 17x-14

    then go and bring the x's over to one side and the numbers over to the other side(subtract or add)

    -28x= 14

    then divide to get x

    x= 14/(-28)

    so what do you get?

  • Math -

    Add like terms. For example, on the left
    5X + 22X - 38X = -11X
    on the right -17 -9 + 12 = -14
    -11X-9-19 = 17X-14
    Combine the -9 and -19
    Now add 28 to both sides
    -11X-28+28 = 17X-14+28
    Subtract 17X from both sides
    Multiply both sides by -1
    28X = -14
    Divide both sides by 28
    X = -1/2

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