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hey guys can you please help me with this question.

Identify the steps required to standardize a 0.1M HCl stock solution with sodium carbonate: Na2CO3, mol wt. = 105.99 g/mol.

thank you

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    This is a fairly standard procedure which you should be able to look up in your text. Basically, you weigh the Na2CO3 and titrate with the HCl to the methyl red or methyl orange end point. I have omitted drying the primary standard, boiling the solution at the "first" end point and titrating the the second end point, and other details. If this isn't sufficient, please clarify how much detail you want and the problem you have with your text.

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    hey thanks DrBob222 but can you put it into more detail, like every step of the process because my text doesnt provide me with anything.

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    I don't like to butt in but I have done this lab during thes ummer and the steps are in my lab manual.

    Preparation and Standardization of HCL with Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3)

    (in general without being specific as to the ammount or anything)

    ( I actually had to go and mix concentrated HCL not knowing the Molarity but I'm ommiting this step)

    - weigh out Na2CO3 into 3 flasks, and dissolve in distilled water

    - add 3 drops methyl orange indicator into solution

    - titrate with HCL solution untill solution just changes from yellow to red

    - boil sol for 2-3 min, cool to room temp and continue titration to endpoint


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    hey thanks christina your a life saver, this is just what i need (=

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    No problem, I help where I can =D

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