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I mean I know sort of what Im doing.
Im doing this project on tropical rain forest. But this was are insrutions.
(A)Descrition of the Biome
(B)Location or locations where it is found
(C)Climate and weather of the biome
(D)Biodiversity found in the biome. And I have to include plant and animals species, if applicable
(E)current condition of the majority of your biome (ex.degrading, flourishing,ect.)
(F)Interesting facts you found about your biome
(G)What resources do we use from your biome, if any?

When you take notes, read a paragraph or so of the source material, then put it into your own words -- writing only the most important words.

I started taking notes of the description of a tropical rainforest from the website linked below.

tall trees
year-round warmth
50-260 in rain/year
most near Equator
more kinds of trees than any where else


Good luck with your note-taking and study of the tropical rain forest

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