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My name is Jason... today I have 2 problems for you both having to deal with Algebra.

My questions are :::

Question 1 ::

Direction: Find the degree of the polynomial.

Problem: - 1 + 8 x ^ 4 - x ^ 2
(negative 1 plus 8x squared minus x squared)

Question 2 ::

Classify 1 6 + 5 e ^ 3 and state its degree.
(16 plus 5e cubed)

Thank You for spending some of your time to help.


problem 1) degree is 4
since the highest value that x is raised to is 4

problem 2)
degree is 3 since e is raised to the 3rd degree

HI! thanks for replying, although... can you explain something? how do you tell if something is a binomial, trinomial, monomial, or a polynomial?

A polynomial with one term is called a monomial, two terms a binomial, and three terms a trinomial

polynomial = describes something built from monomials. A sum of 1 or more monomial terms.

trinomial= 3x + 5y + 8n
binomial= a+b
monomial= a

Remember, the trinomial and binomial
are made up of monomials. Specifically the trinomial has 3 monomials and the binomial has 2 monomials.

Hope it helps =)


Your Welcome =D

  • Algebra -

    That was a great explanation. I just tried to figure this out and was lost. Love the straight simple talk.
    Thank you

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