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Past President John Quincy Adams said of the Missouri Compromise that it was “but a title page to a great and tragic volume.” Past President Thomas Jefferson remarked that the Missouri Compromise was “a fire bell in the night.” (or a warning bell). What are these two great men implying for the future of the nation? Why do they believe the Missouri Compromise is not going to solve anything? What is at the center of the controversy and why?

Please tell us what YOU think, and we'll be glad to comment on your ideas.

arguing that slavery will be a big part of the nation's future

It will be involved in future decisions and the issue of slavery itself is going to take an enormous amount of time to solve.

I think they are saying that a split n the union will lead to the destruction of the country. But I think the compromise would solve something. I still don't understand why they wouldn't

We still ended up with a Civil War. Many men died, and we almost ended up as two independent nations. At best, the Compromise put off a civil war for a few more years. And most people don't like compromises. No one gets what they really want.

The issue of slavery is still with us today, with racism still rampant in some areas.

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