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This question relates to what someone posted below...
It was explained to them that a reducing agent is oxidized when it reduces?

I would like to get this concept straightened out in my head. I originally got this concept when I did gen chem but I have forgotten it.

Let me see if I remember it right.
I have learned LEO says GER
oxidized= looses e-
reduced= gained e-

I know that is correct but...when it comes to the word "agent"..

A reducing agent the one oxidizing or the one being oxidized??
I would think it is the one doing the reducing...

For the oxidizing is the one reducing something else?
(it looses electrons to something else so the other gains e- ?)

Maybe I can't think straight since I'm sleepy but I just want to clarify this.


Right. Leo says GR
Loss of electrons is oxidation.(Leo).
Gain of electrons is reduction.

The substance being oxidized is the reducing agent.
The substanace being reduced is the oxidizing agent.

OR, Loss of electrons is the reducing agent.
Gain of electrons is the oxidizing agent.

Thanks for clarifying that Dr.Bob =)

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