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2.)wrong---> the first term is wrong
4(3a^2)^2 = 36a^4
3.) not sure on this one
4.) wrong---> - square root of six is not a solution

Hope this Helps!

1)find p(-3)if p(x)=4x^3-5x^2+7x-10

2)If r(x)=4x^2-3x+7,find r(3a^2)

3)Write the expression 9n^6+7n^3-6 in quadratic form,if possible

4)solve b^4+2b^2-24=0
=-2,2,-isquare root of 6

4)it has to be. my choices are;
A.-2,-square root of 6,square root of 6,2
B.-square root of 6,2,2i,i square root of 6 previous answer
D.-2i,2i,- square root of 6,square root of 6

its weird but that's how it is in my book

i think one solution is
square root of 6i--->
or i square root of 6

but i don't think my answer appears in your solutions
sorry im not that much of help!

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