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compound inequality

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olve. State the solution set using interval notation and graph it

1/3x > 2 and 1/4x > 2
First should I solve for x. How would you handle this problem?

yes, solve for x in each..

x>6; x>8

so if the second condition is met, that is x is g reater than eight, the first is not applicable.

first solve each of the inequalities

here is the first:

1/3x > 2
1 > 6x
in the same way from the second, x<1/8

Also it should be obvious that x cannot be zero or a negative, since 1/(a negative) is not greater than 2

so we have x<1/6 AND x<1/8

so the only values that would work are
0 < x < 1/8

See how important it is to use proper notation?
if you meant (1/3)x > 2 and (1/4)x > 2
then bobpursley's solution is correct

if you meant 1/(3x) > 2 and 1/(4x) > 2
then my solution is correct.


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