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I know that on this forum you can't graph but can someone help me with where to plot my lines... Here is the question and my solution...(need to shade solution)will draw two lines(solid) and shade below but need to verify line equation points
A small company produces both bouquets and wreaths of dried flowers. The bouquets take 1 hour of labor to produce and the wreaths take 2 hours. The labor available is limited to 80 hours per week, and the total production capacity is 60 items per week. Write a system of inequalities representing this situation, where x is the number of bouquets and y is the number of wreaths. Then graph the system of inequalities.

x+y<=60 so y<=-x+60
x+2y<=80 so y<=-x/2+40

just look at the formula for the eq. for the first one, the y-int. is 60 with a slope of -1, so the x-int. is also 60. for the 2nd eq., y-int=40 & slope is -1/2 with x-int. of 80

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