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How do you paraphrase "an entire article" and then reference it in APA format. This instruction confuses me. Can anyone explain?

Yes, you can, but it would need to be completely and carefully paraphrased.

Here's a good section from a college website -- it's explaining the difference between OK and not-OK paraphrasing and quoting -- and the citation. (The citation here is in MLA format, but you can use whatever your teacher requires.)
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Be sure to read the examples and then the paraphrases. Be extra sure to read the longer original (a paragraph) right under Some More Examples and then read the four versions. Only Version D is done correctly.

Let us know if you have further questions.


I don't think I made myself clear. The assignment says "PARAPHRASE THE ENTIRE ARTICLE". The article in question is 7 paragraphs long. How do I cite the paraprased article? Separately or all at once. I am lost.

I suggest you take notes as you read it, paragraph by paragraph. Be sure you get the most important facts and ideas. Be sure to use your own words.

Then -- let your notes sit a day or so. Go back and write your notes and elaborate on them in pararagraph form.


Ms. Sue is right. You'll have to tackle this paragraph by paragraph. You also need to make sure you understand the difference between paraphrasing and summarizing.
It should be as long as (or maybe even longer than) the original. It should include all the information in the original in the same order as the original, but in your own words. That can be tough to do.
It will be shorter than the original because you're including only the salient points, not all the details.

The citation would be done once and at the end.


I suggest you do it paragraph by paragraph.

Thank you. Is there an example of such a citation anywhere in the world in APA format?

Check this site for APA formatting.

I spoke with my instructor and it is just as I thought. We have to cite each paragraph as we go along. It seems totally ridiculous to me but if that is what they want I will do it. Talk about redundancy.

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    Most parents react with shock and dismay on hearing that their newborn baby has Down syndrome. No matter how well parents may learn to cope with their child’s condition in the years to come, almost all find the initial period very difficult. For nearly all, it is a time of turmoil and sadness. They usually find out that their child has Down syndrome before or shortly after birth. Jenny mom found out that her baby has DS before she gave birth

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