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first I have one simple question how many feet is 58 inches?? and how do you figure that? Also Thanks teachers and students for taking your time to help other students! this site actually helped me to get into the airforce and I'm very excited about that. I know alot of people think the asvab test is easy but it was an important accomplishment for me. It is my only chance to make something of myself and brake the habbit of my family. I got a much impproved score for my math and also my science to become a nurse. thanks for every little bit of your help and GOD Bless!

We know that in 1 foot there are 12 inches, so perform the simple caculation below;

58 inches * (1 foot / 12 inches)

4'10 right? my height is 4'10 barley enough to pass the height requirment for the airforce. Thank you ill remember that!

yeah that's right.

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