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I'm sorry, but this is a re-post.
I couldn't find the original post;-(
so, does anyone have any suggestions for helping a student make a passing grade in college chemistry? She took it twice and didn't pass. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I thought maybe some websites or tutorials??

Read the book.
Take class notes.
At the end of the day rewrite the class notes; repetition helps.
Ask the prof questions the student doesn't understand.
Google can help find articles about things the student doesn't understand but the subject must be fairly specific.
Go into the class with a positive attitude. I know that may be difficult if the student has failed twice; however, thinking you will fail AGAIN won't help you pass.
DON'T GET BEHIND. Do the class work on time. If the class meets on MWF, do the homework MWand F evenings; i.e., don't put things off the day between for one forgets things in that day. If this sounds too simple, I can tell you from experience, that I have never had a student in 40 years of teaching chemistry that was not smart enough to grasp freshman college chemistry. I have had many students that were too lazy, too bored, too finicky, too what ever and who failed but none failed because they weren't smart enough. Fellow students don't help much when they keep talking about how hard a chemistry course is. Chemistry is no more difficult than English or history but it takes discipline and doggedness. Good luck.
Bob Pursley has some great ideas to help, also. I hope he sees this and responds.

Assuming a sincere and honest effort was put into the course, after failing a course twice perhaps a realistic re-evaluation of the student's academic ability should be made.
Not everybody is able to do well in Chemistry or Physics, not everybody is able to do well in the arts or music no matter how much effort they put into it.

I used to tell my students that I am going to become an NBA basketball player and was planning to practise 8 hours every day, could they perhaps explain why I could not make it. Looking at my 175 cm stature they all knew the obvious answer.

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