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x a+2
4a-6 <-ok why does 4a plus
2a^2-3a <3b = a??

Algebra help needed here.

Your notation makes no sense.
The first two algebraic terms are no equations or inequalities, so they don't help define or solve for anything.
4a-6 <-ok makes no sense mathematically

What does the ------ mean? Are you trying to write fractions?

Perhaps factoring
2a^2-3a = a (2a - 3) and
2a^2+a-6 = (a + 2)(2a -3)
will help. The 2a - 3 terms might cancel, if you are trying to write a fraction.

OK MAYBE THIS WAY? (a+2)(2a-3)
im suppoed to multiply that. I understand everything except why does 4a-3a= a?

heip on algabra

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4 - 3 = 1

4a - 3a = 1a

4a - 3a = a

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