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1.A federal agency collects documents in its law enforcement activities, these documents are:
a. always secret under the Privacy Act.
b. available to the public under the Freedom of Information Act,
unless they contain trade secrets, information related to national security, or information that, if disclosed, would invade personal privacy.
c. available to the public under the Government in the Sunshine Act,unless it concerns information about individuals protected by the Privacy Act.
d. available to the public, whether it concerns individuals or not,
under the Federal Sunshine Act.
e. None of the above.

2.Taken together, the Necessary and Proper Clause and the Commerce Clause, provides justification for:
a. broad Congressional regulation of business
b. broad state control of interstate commerce
c. executive control of foreign trade
d. Senate control of trade negotiations
e. none of these

3.In addition to judge-made common law, "law" includes:
a. state constitutions
b. statutes
c. the federal constitution
d. administrative regulations
e. all of the above

4.The facts of a case are established by
a. the judge
b. the attorney appointed by the judge
c. the jury
d. the parties to the case
e. all of the above

5.In practice, the commerce clause of the Constitution:
a. has little effect on the operation of international trade
b. applies only to corporations
c. has no effect within individual states
d. has a significant effect on the operation of all businesses
e. is rarely used by Congress

6.In Quill Corp. v. North Dakota, a state sales tax was imposed on out-of-state firms doing mail-order business with North Dakota residents,this law was found
a. unconstitutional violation of the necessary &proper clause
b. constitutional because it involves all mail-order firms
c. constitutional because it involves interstate commerce
d. unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment rights of the mail-order businesses
e. unconstitutional violation of commerce clause

Please post your beliefs about the correct answers and we'll be glad to check them for you.

  • business law -


  • business law -

    1 a
    2 b
    3 a
    5 a
    5 c
    6 d

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