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At 1100 K, Kp=0.25 for the following reaction. 2SO2(g) + O2(g) (reversible arrows) 2SO3(g) What is the value of K at this temperature?

Do you mean what is the value of Kc?
If so, use the Kp to Kc conversion formula.

What is the Kp to Kc conversion formula? We were never given one.

Kc = Kp(RT)delta n where delta n is the difference in mols of products and reactants.
delta n = n(gas products) - n(gas reactants)

I'll try that again.
Kc=Kp(RT)delta n

delta n = n(gas products) - ngas reactants)

By the way, R must be in L*atm/mol*K or 0.0821

I did Kc=0.25(1100(0.0821))^-1 and got Kc=0.00276. That is incorrect. Why? What did I do wrong?

See my response above. I think I gave you the wrong conversion formula.

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