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In a study of the following reaction at 1200K it was observed that when the equilibrium partial pressure of water vapor is 15.0 torr, the total pressure at equilibrium is 36.3 torr.
3Fe(s)+4H2O(g) (reversible arrows) Fe3O4(s)+4H2(g) Calculate the value of Kp for this reaction at 1200K. Hint: Apply Dalton's Law of partial pressures.

Ptotal = PH2 + PH2O = 35.3 torr.

Solve for PH2.

Write the equilibrium equation expression for Kp = ??
Then substitute these values into the equation. Don't forget to change the pressures to atmospheres.
Post your work if you get stuck.

Check the typo I made. That's 36.3 torr total pressure.

Thank you so much!!!

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