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Algebra word problem

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In 2004, the population of Mexico was 106.5 million. If Mexico's population continues to grow at an annual rate of 1.43%, then the population in 2015 will be 106.5 (1.0143)^11 million.
a. find the predicted population in 2015 to the nearest tenth of a million people.
b. With these US results,
1. 330.2 million - predicted US population in 2015 to the nearesth tenth of a million people.
b. 2022 - the estimated year in which the population will reach 350 million people,determine whether US or Mexico will have the greater increase in population between 2004 and 2015.

1a. 106.5*1.0143)^11 = 124.5 million
(for Mexico in 2015)

If the US has 330.2 million in 2015 and 350 million ion 2022, its annual growth rate x for 2015-2022 is given by
(1+ x)^7 = 350/330.2
x = 0.00835 (0.835% growth per year).

The growth rate in the US for 2015-2022, is less than that of Mexico for 2004-2015. You have not provided any data for the US for 2004-2015.

  • Algebra word problem -

    Simplify 3-10+9•7

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