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simplify. ã20/5 - 1/ã5
I come up with 2 different answers
(1) 2 ã5/5 - 1/ã5
2ã5 - 1ã5
(2) ã20/5 - 1/ã5 =
ã(4 ) - 1/ã5
2 - 1/ã5 =
10/5 - ã5/5 = (10- ã5)/5 and neither are the answers I have to choose from which are:
a) ã(20-5ã5) /ã5 (b)ã(20-ã5) /ã5 (c)cannot be simplified (d)1/5 sqrt 5

why do all my sqrt problems,when i copy and paste come out like up above? these are actually sqrt 20/5 - 1/ sqrt5 ect

Here is a simple way to get your computer to print the √ sign

hold down the "Alt" key on the keyboard while you type in 251 on the number pad, then release the "Alt" key, you should see the √ symbol.

e.g. your 20/5 - 1/ sqrt5 is
20/5 - 1/√5

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