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what is the plural form of turkey. i think it is turkie am i right can somebody help me

If you look up the word in a hard copy dictionary (as I did), you would find that the plural is turkeys. Looking it up yourself will get you similar answers more quickly.

I holpe this helps. Thanks for asking.

Here's an online dictionary in which you can also look up definitions, spellings, and plurals.


tur·key /ˈtɜrki/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[tur-kee] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
–noun, plural -keys

PsyDAG and Ms. Sue are right -- the use of a dictionary is the first thing you should think of when you have a question like this.

Also, not all nouns that end in -y will become -ies for their plural forms. Only those that have a consonant before that -y will do that. If there's a vowel (a, e, i, o, or u) before the -y, as there is in "turkey," then you simply add -s to form the plural.


what is a pronoun

A pronoun takes the place of a noun.
Mr. Eastman told me that he is a writer.

Check this site for more information and examples.


for up. cool the it great keep site, stuff, Thanks ,

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