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Please could you help me with understanding how the boundaries and links between states of past culture have changed.


This is a very broad question.

First, you must define what you mean about the word "past".Does the thinking behind this question begin with prehistoric and/or ancient civilizations? If so you are in effect asking about the history of the world.

Think about the rise and fall of ancient civilizations and in particular the many nations that settled in Mesopotamia and Africa. Continue with Rome and Greece, feudalism, the growth of national states, colonialism, the development of imperialism and nationalism, the world wars and the many new nations that exist today but did not exist twenty or thirty years ago.

Let's not forget the industrial revolution and globalaism

We will be glad to help you further when you can narrow down your question to manageable terms.

What culture(s) are you talking about? What aspects of the culture concern you? What time periods are involved?

When we get these data, we will be more able to help you. Please repost.

I hope this helps a little. Thanks for asking.

One change I can use as an example is the border that divided East and West Germany for a generation. That line was not newly created following WWII. The border was an old one that had separated parts of Germany since before the Reformation in the 1400s. The line between the two halves of Germany was marked by barbed wire, guards and machine guns and came down when the social climate changed. The earlier line between Catholic and Protestant sections of Germany also fell (though there never was a physical wall that time) when the social climate changed to accept people of differing faiths.
The barriers were placed by political decisions that reflected some of the social attitudes of their times. When those attitudes changed, the barriers fell.

how the boundaries and the links between states have changed over 50 years.

African boundaries have greatly changed in the last 50 years. Compare this map of Africa in 1940 --

with this modern map after African countries became independent --

Also check this site for information about the new countries formed at the end of the Cold War. It also details the change in East-West alliances in the last 50 years.

Would I be in the right direction by taking about:
New countries? changing of culture how different cultures have become and how they merged together.
Would I be right if I was to say, technology would be a link to different cultures. eg: news media, being able to know whats happening in germany when im in france.
eg: certain countries men are more important, however, now the women have been shown the western way of living: eg education, they are becoming more aware of certains ways of life. if that makes sense.
Im trying not to use boundries as geographical borders.

You have several very good thoughts about this subject.

Cultures are tending to merge together. There are few places in the world that you can't get an American-made Coca Cola or a McDonald's hamburger. In the last few years, many immigrants from Africa and Asia have moved to Europe, changing the traditional European cultures.

The media, especially the internet, have brought cultural changes to many peoples.

You are definitely on the right track.

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