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Algebra 2 (check)

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I have some problems that I've answered and I need someone to check to see if I'm right. Im just posting the questons and my answer,if its wrong I'll post my work,so here it is bear with me please and thank you.

1)name which sets of numbers to which -28 belongs. my answer = integers,rationals,reals

2)the property illustrated by 7x(9+1)=(9+1)x7 is the. my answer = commutative property of multiplication

3)solve the equation 2/5y=3/14. my answer = 28/15

4)solve the equation 3(absolute value bars x-5)=12. my answer = null set

5)solve the equation (absolute bars y-8)+6=15. my answer = 17 I'll stop here for right now.

3. If y is in the denominator, you are right.
4. No, x=9 works, as does x=1
5. y-8=± 9 so y=8±9

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