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For literature citation at the end of a lab report if only the text is used would that have to be cited as well? Or would it not be cited and on the page for literature citation I would type no sources cited?

You have to cite anything and everything that is used along with the bibliography page at the end of the report

but when I did a bio lab report I didn't cite the textbook..

You need to consider the people who will read your report. Common knowledge must not be cited.

If I read your report then I must be able to deduce everything you did from your report. So, if you use some basic technique that everyone knows about then you only need to mention the fact that you used that technique and you don't need to explain how that technique works. You don't need to give citations to textbooks.

If you have developed a new method then you need to explain that in the report. If this mew method is similar to a well known method that can be found in textbooks, then you could try to focus on how your method differs from the usual method.

In such cases it can be helpful to refer to textbook. You should keep in mind that even experts who use well known methods don't always exactly remember the fundamentals that are explained in the textbooks.

So, if I read your report and you say that you used method X but made certain chages so that it now works in a slightly diferent way, then for me to verify that I would have to go through the derivation of method X and do what you wrote. It would thus be more convenient for me to look up the details of how method X works. If you give the reference to a widely available textbook then I don't even have to spend time searching for it.

i just refered to the text when I went and titrated wine with NaOH to find the % tartaric acid in the wine but what I took from the text was that in wine in general the tartaric acid % is usually less than 1% but I'm not sure if that would be considered common knowledge

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