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For the Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy, would this work for a thesis?

Douglas Adams was a promodernistic author who wrote a new level of Proto Science Fiction.

Can you help me think of other main points about him, the late 70s-early 80s, and the history of science fiction?

First of all, the thesis is something you are going to prove in your essay. So are you going to prove that he wrote a new level of Proto Science Fiction? I think that's a fact that does not need to be proven; therefore it cannot be the main point of your paper. For history and background about the time period you should try sparknotes and see what they have. IF that doesn't work, google it and a whole bunch of information should come up.

I've looked this stuff up. I have printouts, but I could find little to nothing about the history of promodernism science fiction. Plus, I could find little to nothing the relates the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to Douglas Adams, because all the sites were crap about the movie and radio shows.

Can someone give me different links or help me with the thesis?

"Douglas Adams was a promodernistic author who wrote a new level of Proto Science Fiction." <~~your proposed thesis statement

Veronica is right; it doesn't work as a thesis because it is simply factual. To be a real thesis -- something you can work to prove in your paper -- you need an OPINION (your position or stance or "slant") about that factual stuff.
Here is a webpage with six poor/weak thesis statements that have been corrected. Once you've reviewed the before and after of each of these, please rewrite yours, repost it, and someone here will give you feedback.


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  • Senior Paper -

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