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I am lost in this Genetics Maze. Here is my assignment:

Write out a cross using genotypes as parents
Determine Possible Gametes that may be formed
Use a Punett Square to establish the genotypes of all possible progeny.
Determine the Genotype Ratio of the progeny. Count the number of identical genotypes and express them as a ratio of the total genotypes
Use the info below to determine the phenotype ratio from the genotype ratio:

Flower Color
Seed Color
Seed Shape
Plant Height

Dominant Gene:
Purple Flowers, PP or Pp
Yellow seeds, YY or Yy
Round seeds, RR or Rr
Tall plants, TT or Tt

Recessive Gene:
White flowers, pp
Green seeds, yy
Wrinkled seeds, rr
Dwarf plants, tt

OK, Im lost, do I just make one separate punett square for each trait (ending up with 4 punett squares) or do I put all them on one big square? Professor wants us to complete the F1 generation.
I sure would appreciate some help. I am a non-tradtional college student and have never had biology, havent been in school since 1983. I need this by tomorrow would appreciate some guidance

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