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Math!(Need More Help!I did #4,is ti right?)

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Directions:Write inequalities for the numbers 3 - 4 below. Do not solve them!

3.Stacey and Luis volunteer at the local hospital. Stacey worked 4 more hours than Luis, and together they worked more than 28 hours. What is the least number of hours each worked?

4.Mrs. Culpepper has promised her two sons that they may go to a concert if together they save more than $45. The older son agrees to save twice as much as the younger one. How much must each save?

X/2 => 15

I would write the solution for number 4 as


The problem is the older has to be exactly twice the younger, if you read the problem statement exactly.

number 3

but S+L>28
or L+4+L>28 or
L>12 and S=L+4 The least number, whole number greater than 12 is L=13 and S is four more than that.

so is that the answer for number three?
&&i still don't get what you mean for #4.?!?!?!

number 4:
younger>=15 and older=2*younger

so how would i write that.?

It is the way I would write it. You ought to understand why it is written like that, if you dont, you are in trouble. Go back and read the problem to understand why it is written like that.

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