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Concepts in organizational behavior

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What is the most important element in an organizational analysis and why?

I have the elements;
organizational change & organizational development;

I just can't find why? Any help would be appreciated.

The elements you list in the analysis are not what I consider elements of an organization.

<<There are four basis elements or categories in the analysis of the structure of an organization. They include:
The firm's vision and strategy (whether explicit or not)
The flow of information and work (including all systems, from vendor relations to customer service and everything inbetween)
The culture of the organization
Its people (their selection, qualification, compensation, promotion, career pathing, their succession)>>

That states it pretty well. (
Now which is the most important? Wouldn't that depend on the time, the issues, the needs? If you were running a professional service organization, people would probably be first. But if you were running a manufacturing organization, it might be the flow of information. I doubt if any one element can be listed as most important which would fit all organizations, for all times, for all situations. Things change, sometimes rapidly.

thank you for your help. It is greatly appreciated.

It is evident that Organizational development and Change are the key factors in this process.

  • Concepts in organizational behavior -

    Yes they are

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