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Computer Questions

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I posted some computer questions and my answers on Saturday. They should be on
somewhere between pages 2 through 10. would you please check my answers for me? There are about 16 questions and answers.

Thank you!!

It will say "computer questions"

Thank you.

Yup. I got it :)

But it was about 4 minutes before you posted this one. So when you checked, it might not have been there.

Just so you don't have to scroll through to find it again:


I apologize for the late reply. I was in Taipei all weekend.

It's about 2 AM and I looked through your answers. Everything looks good, with the exception of a few. But's 2 AM here so I hope this is still ok.

Question #2 - if a boot sector is failed, the computer will not boot. So D.

Question #4 - the problem is that floppy disks have 1.44 MB of memory. You're trying to write 3 MB to it. It won't fit. D - the file is too big for the disk. Your answer, that the floppy is a FAT32 format, does not matter. You can use a FAT32 disk on Windows XP.

The rest looked good.

WHat kind of a question is that? How is it at all relevant to homework help?

I don't mind answering the question.

I live in Asia. I am in Taiwan. My name references something from here that I love (I love the food), but do not see it as degrading. If I am wrong, please explain why and I will gladly change it.

Matt (who is currently craving some fried rice for lunch)

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