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I have several questions on an assignment that I need help with.
Will you please check the questions
and please check my answers?

1. You are purchasing a new computer
for your office and you want a
high performance model due to the
applications you will be running.
Which processor would be the fastest?
A. Pentium 1
B. Pentium 4
C. Celeron 4
D. Itanium 4

2. If the boot sector on your computer
becomes corrupted,what is the most
likely result?

A. your computer will run slower.
B. your computer will swap memory.
C. The computer will fail to formatt
a drive.
D. Your computer won't boot.

3. Which type of drive would offer the
fastest performance time for the
transferring of files?

B. A floppy disk
D. A hard drive with a transfer
rate of 50 MBps

4. You have a 3 Meg file on your
desktop at work that you have
been working on using Windows XP.
You would like to bring the file
home to work on. You try to save
the file to a floppy disk but the
save operation fails. Why is this?

A. The file is formatted with NTFS.
B. The floppy is formatted with FAT32.
C. The floppy is fragmented.
D. The file is too big for a floppy.

5. You buy a second hard drive for your
computer to be used as an additional
storage unit. Your computer runs XP
as its operating system. You need to
format the new hard drive. What file
system should you use for the hard
drive to run at its optimum?

C. FAT 32

6. You wish to purchase a modem for
your laptop computer. What type of
expansion port will your laptop most
likely require?

B. PC Card
D. IEEE 1394

7. You want to purchase some CD-ROMS
so that you can backup your files
every two weeks. You would like
to use the same CD-ROM multiple
times. What type of CD-ROM should
you purchase?


8.What is the advantage of hot-swappable

A. They can transfer data at a rate
of over 80 mps.
B. They have a high-density rate.
C. You don't have to turn off the
machine to add or remove them.
D. They can utilize IDE or
SCSI interfaces.

9. What type of memory is NOT an
example of volatile memory?


10. You install a new operating system
and some new applications on your computer. You notice that your computer
runs much slower than normal. You take
the computer to the repair shop and the
technician tells you that your computer
is swapping a lot. What is the easiest
way to fix this situation?

A. Install an additional hard drive.
B. Replace the CPU with a faster one.
C. Install more RAM.
D. Install a USB Drive.

11. You want to purchase a new hard drive for your computer. A friend of
yours gives you an extra one he has
laying around. You would like to delete
any data that is already on the drive
so that it is in its original clean
state. What is the easiest way to do this?

A. Reset the jumper on the back of
the hard drive.
B. Reformat the drive.
C. Delete the root folder on the drive.
D. Use a SCSI formatter to erase the

12. The __________ connects the
hard drive or CD Drive to the
computer bus.

A. Disk Zip
B. disk controller
C. SCSI card
D. EIDE expansion slot

13. What does the application WinZip

A. It is a disk utility that defragments
your hard drive.
B. It is a disk scanner utility.
C. It is a file compression utility.
D. It is an office spreadsheet

14. What characteristic do USB devices
and PC cards have in common?

A. They are both hot swappable.
B. They both use the local bus.
C. They both run at the same megahertz
D. They both use titanium storage.

15. Who is the primary competitor in
the PC processor market?

A. Microsoft
D. Apple

16. A computer's operating speed is
tied to the speed:

A. of the amount of volatile RAM.
B. of the amount of nonvolatile RAM C. of the transfer rate of the hard
D. of the system clock.

Here is a list of my answers.
If I have an answer wrong will you please help? I surely would appreciate it. I'm thinking some of my answers are wrong.

Questions and Answers:

1. B
2. C
3. D
4. B
5. A
6. B
7. B
8. C
9. B

I apologize for the late reply. I was in Taipei all weekend.

It's about 2 AM and I looked through your answers. Everything looks good, with the exception of a few. But's 2 AM here so I hope this is still ok.

Question #2 - if a boot sector is failed, the computer will not boot. So D.

Question #4 - the problem is that floppy disks have 1.44 MB of memory. You're trying to write 3 MB to it. It won't fit. D - the file is too big for the disk. Your answer, that the floppy is a FAT32 format, does not matter. You can use a FAT32 disk on Windows XP.

The rest looked good.

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