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Can somone help me with this word problem....thanks

The cut-right company sells sets of kitchen knives. The basic set consists of 2 utility knives, 1 chef's knife. The Regular set consists of 2 utility knives, 1 chef's knife, and 1 slices.The deluxe set consist of 3 utility knives, 1 chefs knife and 1 slicer. Their profit is $30 on basic set, $40 on a regular set, and $60 ona deluxe set. The factory has on hand 800 utility knives, 400 chefs knives, and 200 slicers. Assuming that all sets will be sold, how many of each type should be produced in order to maximize profit? what is the maximum profit?

Here's my thinking about this problem.

I first made a simple chart --

Basic..($30)...2 U
...............1 C

Reg..($40).... 2 U
...............1 C
...............1 S

Deluxe($60)....3 U
...............1 C
...............1 S
In stock --

800 U
400 C
200 S

Obviously, the largest profit is made from the deluxe set. But -- since the company only has 200 slicers, then 200 is the maximum number of deluxe sets that can be produced. The remainder of the knives must be put in the basic set since the company doesn't have any more slicers.

Please take the problem from here. If you post your answer, we'll be glad to critique it.

I don't know how to take it from here i am not seeing what i have to do that's why i need help....

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