Intro. to Computers

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Can you help with these 2 questions?

1. The law firm you work at regularly
scans documents into the computer
system. They now want to be able
to edit the digital image copies
of those documents. Which do they
need to accomplish this?

(A) Optical character recognition
software or (B)an optical replicator
output device.

2. You play the piano and recently
purchased an electronic keyboard.
You want to integrate the keyboard
to your computer and use composing
software. Which do you need to
accomplish this?

A. A MIDI adapter
B. A Music integrated soundcard
C. An Electronic soundcard
D. A Webcam

Is the right answer for the first
question: (A)optical character recognition software?

Is the right answer for the second question: (A) a MIDI adapter?

Thank you for your help,I appreciate it!

You're right on the first one, and I believe you're right on the second one, too.


I am confused on the second question because wouldn't you need a music integrated soundcard?

which would be the better answer for the second question?

MIDI adapter or music integrated

Please do not use other people's names in the "First Name" space -- it's deceiving.

I'm not that sure about the second question/answer. You should probably look up midi adapter purpose and music integrated soundcard purpose at and see what the differences are. That may help you understand better.

A MIDI Adapter is correct. It's purpose is to connect your keyboard to your PC

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