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Why do we drive on parkways and park in driveways? Why is there brail on a drive up ATM?

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Parkway: A parkway is a general designation of a type of limited-access highway in some parts of the US and Canada. (In other parts of the US, the term parkway may merely be another title for a normal surface street) Like all limited-access highways, parkways are designed particularly for through traffic, and many can be classified generally as freeways or toll highways. Many parkways are restricted to non-commercial traffic and cars; trucks, buses, and the like are banned.
Driveways are commonly used as a path to a garage. Or, in the case of large estates, a driveway may be the road that leads to the house from the public road, possibly with a gate in between. There are examples of one driveway which splits to service two or more garages maintained by different owners.

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