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why do women still continue to experience inequality in modern industrial societies?

A large part of it is gender bias. However, many women take time out from their careers to raise families, thus giving them less seniority that men of the same age. I also believe that on the whole, women are not as career oriented as men.

I politely disagree with Ms Sue's last statement. There are more women finishing college than there are men. Women are venturing in to more divergent career paths and looking for more challenges. I think that Ms Sue is right-on in her first statement. Gender bias is the main problem.

To continue the argument...SOME women have less ambition towards careers than others. SOME women who do take up careers find that when they have a child, they want to spend time raising that child. More women ARE completing college and going on to satisfying careers. Gender bias IS still a problem, though not as much as in previous generations. I think that men as a whole are more ambitious than men as to making money and attaining power. I think that women as a whole care more about caring than power and money. Men are unequal when it comes to the childrearing career. Those men who wish to be the stay-at-home parent are discriminated against in many ways. The once-generic masculine pronouns have given way to the awkward, he or she.

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