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How far has the emancipation of womaen brought positive or negativechanges in the family?

The emancipation of women has made independent women role models for their children. Women who work outside the home usually bring much needed income to the family. A negative change is the more frequent use of fast foods instead of home-cooked meals.

There is more pressure on women, who are often expected to work outside the home but still provide the same level of child care and housekeeping. Typically one or more of these task areas cannot be adequately fulfillled.

Child care from other sources than the parents has increased — extended family, friends and child care centers. Depending on the quality of this child care, there can be both negative and positive outcomes. Where other sources of childcare are not obtained, sometimes "latch key" children are the result.

Some emancipatated women opt for not having children.

In some cases, reverse roles develop, giving rise to "Mr. Mom."

I searched Google under the key words "gender roles family" to get these possible sources:
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Some of these sources might help answer your other post.

In the future, you can find the information you desire more quickly, if you use appropriate key words to do your own search.

I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

There are NO negative changes in my opinion. "liberty and justice for all" - That ALL includes women. Most women have been able to adapt to being able to have careers other than homemaker or servant. Most women have been able to adapt to being able to make choices, get an education, decide whether to marry, have a job in the workplace or work at home.
Yes, there have been problems. Compromises have been needed. Some people have not been able to compromise. Women have not been given equality in the workplace. Children have been told "OK, give me 15 min. to change my clothes and catch my breath; then we will do that." Husbands have been asked to do things in the home that their fathers never dreamed of doing. Change takes time, and more especially a willingness to adapt.

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