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I'm taking Electronics and Communication Engineering...Can you help me pls...this is my problem=First day of school the teacher ask why did you choose this course? thanks;-)

Maybe you chose it because of a natural curiosity and mathematical and analytical skills you may have for such a subject. The liklihood of plenty of job offers with job security with good pay and benefits may also enter into the mix, as it did wth me (in aerospace engineering and pysics), but such job security is harder to get these days. Jobs keep getting outsourced to outher countries.

Only you can answer with your own reasons for choosing the field or the major. There wil be planty of time to change majors if you don't like it or find it to hard. The courses you take, and the skills you develop in them, will come in handy in any case.

I agree with DrWLS. Few folks know much about engineering before they enter college. Reread DrWLS first paragraph. The inkling curiosity of making things work and analytical skills draws many to engineering. And it makes us stay...

You will find in comm/electrical engineering the design work is all math and conceptual theory applied to real systems. Of this, you have no idea, and I understand that, and the prof understands it. I suspect he is looking for what are your interests, and your motivations, and is trying to help you understand your motivations and interests also.

If you had chosen English Literature, the prof there would be asking a similar question: The purpose is to assist you in clarifying what you want to do with your life, and why. The exact reasons...you wont know for many years. Most of these are psychologically based (aptitude, interests, orientations, sense of responsibilities, and moral perspectives).
Good luck with Engineering. The future is wide open, the jobs in Comm/information engineering 15 years from now don't even exist at present.

James, most young people entering college really do not know what they want to spend the next 50 years doing. The instructor is asking you to seriously think about it. Realize that college is not just for training for a "position"; it is mostly for sampling, tasting, experiencing many areas so that you really can decide what excites your imagination. The most important thing that you can do for the next four years is to take advantage of all the wisdom and experience that are available in those instructors in order to find the arena in which you would like to "work-play-contribute".
Tell the instructor that the class sounded like a challenge and that is what you are looking for... hills to climb, the unknown to explore.

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