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can someone write out the equations so i can solve it. Please...


A biologist recorded 9 snakes on 21 acres in one area and 13 snakes on 47 acres in another area. Let y be the number of snakes in x acres. Write this one in a linear equation for the number of snakes.

The straight line that goes through both points (21,9) and (47,13) would have slope m = (4/26) = 2/13

The equation of the line would be
(y - 9) = (2/13) (x - 21)

y = (2/13)x + 9 - 42/13
= (2/13)x + 75/13

A more likely formula would be one without a constant (since the numnber of snakes shold be zero when tha area is zero) That is a "best-fit" straight line. There are other ways to calculate that.

thats right i completely forgot to set them up as points and solve from there duhhh to me . Thank you so much for bringing it out.

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