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A 64.0 kg person stands on a lightweight diving board supported by two pillars, one at the end of the board, the other 1.20 m away from the end. The pillar at the end of the board exerts a downward force of 829 N.
How far from the pillar at the end of the board is the person standing?
Find the magnitude of the force exerted by the second pillar
I think that I need to find the sum of the forces in the x and y components, but I am getting stuck. Any help?

You need to do the vertical forces = zero, and the sum of moments about any point (I suggest the point at the end of the board with the pillar).

Mr. Pursley-
Our professor has not even discussed sum of moments and it is not in our textbook. Could you please explain? Thanks

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    A 48 {\rm kg} woman stands on a very light, rigid board that rests on a bathroom scale at each end, as shown in figure.

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