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say you have 4/13 and the decimal equivalent to it is 30.76923 how do I round 3 decimal places?

you round 2 da thousandths. For example since the decimal u hav is 30.76923, round it to the last three numbers after the decimal point. So 30.76923 would be 30.769. It would remain like that because when you round the 9 (the third decimal place) you round down because 2 (the number next to the
9) is less than 5. If the number after 9 was more than 5, then your answer would hav been 30.770 or 3.77, because you would have to carry the over the extra ten from nine.

When you round to the thousandths, look to the ten-thousandths digit. The common rule is if it is greater than five ten-thousandths, round up.

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