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I need to find specific questions and specific answers about these two books:
1- Tangerine, by Edward Bloor
2- Gilda Joyce-Psychic Investigator

I don't need stuff like "What is the setting and theme?" but more specific q's and a's, like "What COLOR was her shirt on November4th?"


I am sure if you read the book carefully, you will be able to pick out specific questions. Look for who, when, where, why, how.


When given an assignment like this one, be prepared to take notes. Read a chapter, note down who is involved, what is happening, to whom, when, where, how the characters are handling the event, and any particulars that stand out. Go on to the second chapter and do the same notations. By the end of the book, you should have excellent study notes. Also, writing down things helps imprint them into the memory.

If your teacher is a trivia nut, write up character descriptions -- each on a different card or page -- so you can add details as you learn them.

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