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okay can someone set this up for me and help me understand it please.I tried it but i am clueless please show me how to solve this?

The number of banks in the United
States has dropped about 30% since 1992. The following
data are from a survey in which x represents the years
since 1900 and y corresponded to the number of banks, in
thousands, in the United States.†

"e"= this symbol i willuse to represet that weird E for correlatlion

n=10 "e" x^2 = 93205
"e" x = 965 "e"xy=9165.10
"e"y = 95.3 "e"y^2= 920.47

a) find an equation of the least square line.

I used the equation that goes like this: r = (10 (9165.10)-(965)(95.3))/sqrt 10(93205)- (965)^2 - sqrt 10(920.47) - (95.3)^2

and what i came up with was -0.986 but then this would be for high correlation.

b)If the trend continues,how many banks will there be in 2004?
c) Find and interpret the coefficient of correlation?

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