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Hi, how would we solve a problem like this?

The path of the ball for many golf shots can be modelled by a quadratic function. The path of a golf ball hit at an agle of about 10 degrees to the horizontal can be modelled by the function : h= -0.002d^2+0.4d
where h is the height of the ball in meteres, and d is the horizontal distance the ball travels in meters until it first his the ground.

a) What is the horizontal distance of the bal from the golfer when it reaches its max height.

b) What distance does the ball travel horizontally until it first hits the ground

The max height is on the line of symettry for the parabola, -b/2a in quadratic symbols.

When it hits the ground, h is zero. Solve for d. Note that when the distance is half this, h is max

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    Find the equator on this 68, 195, 34, 56.

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