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Can someone please tell me which of the following I have wrong?? I know that one or more is incorrect, but I'm not sure which ones...

Match the following Bronsted acids with their conjugate bases.

Choices: SO42-, SO32-, CO32-, HPO42-, HPO32-, Cl-, F-, NO3-, NO2-, HSO4-, HSO3-, HCO3-, PO43-, OCN-, HS-, S2-, NH3-, CH3CO2-

A. HCN (I got CN-)
B. HS- (I got S2-)
C. HCl (I got Cl-)
D. HSO4- (I got SO42-)
E. H2SO3 (I got SO32-)
F. HNO3 (I got NO3-)
G. H2CO3 (I got CO32-)
H. NH4+ (I got NH3)

Never mind! I realized what I was doing wrong. :)

A. HCN (I got CN-)
B. HS- (I got S2-)
C. HCl (I got Cl-)
D. HSO4- (I got SO42-)
E. H2SO3 (I got SO32-) H2SO4 ==> H^+ + HSO3^- is the first ionization; therefore, HSO3^- is the conjugate base of H2SO3.
F. HNO3 (I got NO3-)
G. H2CO3 (I got CO32-) Same problem here. H2CO3 ==> H+ + HCO3^- which makes bicarbonate ion the conjugate base of carbonic acid.
H. NH4+ (I got NH3)
Check my thinking. The others look ok, at least at first glance.

Yep, that's exactly what I was doing wrong. Thanks. :)

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