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In a titration experiment 34.12 mL of 0.902 M KOH is reacted with H2SO4. The endpoint is reached when 50.46 mL of the acid is mixed with the base. What is the molar concentration of the acid?

I'm having a hard time even starting this problem, since I don't know the formula or anything. Is molar concentration the same thing as molarity?

Yes, molar concentration is molarity.
H2SO4 + 2KOH ==> K2SO4 + 2HOH

Step 1. mols KOH = L x M = ??mols KOH.

Step 2. convert mols KOH to mols H2SO4 using the coefficients in the balanced equation. So ??mols KOH x (1 mol H2SO4/2 mols KOH) = xx mols H2SO4.

Step 3. Convert mols H2SO4 to molarity using mols = L x M.
Post your work if you get stuck.

I understand perfectly. Thank you very much!

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