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Sue wants to frame a picture with a matte of uniform width all around the print. Sue wants the area of the matte to equal the area of the picture. If the print measures 60cm by 40cm how wide should the matte be?

let the width of the uniform matte be x cm
We know the area of the picture is 60*40 or 2400 cm^2

The width of the whole frame would be 40+2x and the height would be 60+2x

since the area of the picture is equal to the area of the matte, the area of the whole thing is twice the area of the picture, so....
(40+2x)(60+2x) = 2(2400)

expand and solve that quadratic.
One of your answers will be extraneous, that is, it will make no sense for your picture. (hint: I got 10 cm for the width of the matte)

thank you SO much!!!! this helped me sooo much

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