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Please help me I am terrible at math, and this is my last class before graduation..
1. Find the value of X... x/6-x/8=1
2. Find the value of X...x/x-2-x+1/x=8/x^2-2x
3. Find the value of X...5/x+6+2/x^2+7x+6=3/X+1
4.Find the value of X...2/5=x-2/20

find the lowest common denominator for each of the fractions, then multiply each of the terms by that LCD.
That way all your denominators will cancel.

I will do #2 for you (You should use brackets, I assume you meant this:)

x/(x-2) - (x+1)/x = 8/(x^2-2x)
x/(x-2) - (x+1)/x = 8/[x(x-2)]

the LCD would be x(x-2) so...
x/(x-2)*x(x-2) - (x+1)/x*x(x-2) = 8/[x(x-2)]*x(x-2)
x(x) - (x+1)(x-2) = 8
x^2 - x^2 + x + 2 = 8
x = 6

Thank you very much for the assistance!!!

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