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Law inforcement operations & Report writing

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Choose 1 area within the criminal justice system, such as law enforcement, corrections, or the courts. Identify and describe specifics issues raised in dealin with mentally ill individuals by the professionals in that aspect of the criminal justice system.
Provide 2 examples of programs or methods that seek to remedy or address the criminal justice issues that you raised. Can you please help me?

The thought that came to mind is the tormented soul who killed so many at Virginia Tech in the recent past. He passed through the legal system just a few months ago.
He was given a court ordered treatment, but he didn't do it, and no one followed through to see that he did it. Maybe you can work on that issue. It does point out a problem, that folks in the criminal justice system view themselves as in the criminal justice system, but not as an integrated part of a government societial behaviour modification system.

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