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How can information systems affect a company’s bottom line (such as financial performance)? What are other non-financial values that information systems can add to a business?

Well obviously with slick website sales can be boosted. Example:
Ford motor Company, Chrysler Corp, Ebay, General Motors, Toyota Etc. [All have slick (kool) websites]

A website is not necessarily about being cool. That is, however, a nice side effect.

A good web site:
1) Is easy to navigate and well organized.

2) Provides the customer with the information they are looking for.

3) Is actually laid out in a way that takes you deeper into the web site.

4) Stays with the image of the company.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to sell more. But none of this answers the question.

The question is asking about non-financial values that information systems can add to a business.

--Help make people's jobs easier.
--Easier communication between different departments.

2 ideas that may get your mind going. In the end, it does all boil down to bottom line anyway. But those are not as directly related to finance as ... say...a web site that sells things.


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