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You need to use the help section in your Excel program (press the F1 key and then use the search feature). If you need additional information about Excel, you can use your textbook or go to http://support.microsoft.com/search/, select the particluar program you want (there are four Excel versions listed), and then search for terms you need assistance with.

Once you have come up with answers to your questions, please re-post and someone here will be able to give you feedback.


In Excel the _________ feature allows you to change information in a cell to display with dollar signs, percent signs, or decimal places.

To be able to modify a chart, you need to double-click to enable ____________.

What are 2 specific uses of a database?

List some advantages of using a database system.

  1. ASH

    List netiquette guidelines.

  2. miranda

    the term _______ refers to the combination of hardware, software, data, and people.

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