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Which of the following represent the equation of the line passing through (6, –10) and (6, –6)?
A) x = 6 B) y = 6
C) y = x + 6 D) y = 4x

My solution was
m = -6 +10 = 4/0
6 – 6

because 4 0ver 0 was the result of my solution I thought answer D (above) was my answer. But I'm having second thoughts. Please help

If you draw the two points and draw a line running through them, you see that the line is parallel to the y-axis and intersects the x-axis at x = 6. So, a point is on the line if and only if x = 6, regardless of the value of y.

The equation is thus x = 6.

The general equation for a line is:

a x + b y + c = 0

If b is not equal to zero then you can write this as a function of y in terms of x, like y = m x + s.

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