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Do poor people have the same expectations in life as rich people>

Expectations for what? Life goals? What's for dinner tomorrow? Their golf scores? Geeze kido, can you narrow it down a bit?

It also depends on which poor people you are discussing. If poor people are unaware of better standards of living, they will not have the same expectations as those who live in those better conditions.

I hope this helps a little bit. Thanks for asking.

Defining the term, poor people, is necessary before answering your question. What does it mean to be "poor?" Do you mean poor in America? Poor in Liberia or Iran? Poor in money availability, in opportunities, in a caring family, or in talent?

Then, once you know what you mean by "poor," you can go on to decide what you mean by "expectations." Do you mean an interesting job, high salary, an education, or just finding the next meal?

THEN, you need to decide what "rich" means. Rich in money, talent, love, experience? You need to know what you are asking before you can expect to find an answer.

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